Minecraft's pickaxes

The Pickaxe is one of the most common tools in minecraft. A pickaxe can mine Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Obsidian And Netherrack. Like the other tools, A Pickaxe has duribilty, which encourges players to Mine More ores Such as Iron. Remember, the Stronger the ore, the longer it lasts and how fast it mines. It can be made from Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond. In minecraft, you can use any item to harvest blocks. However, you don't want to waste the pickaxe on objects like dirt or sand. You always want to use the proper tool for the right block.


To craft a pickaxe is one simple recipe. You require Sticks and The Material you want for it. Sticks are made from wooden planks. Wooden planks are made from Wood Blocks. Wood Blocks come from trees. Next you want the ore needed. It's recomended just to use Stone And Wood when you can, because it's fairly common. When you Find rare ores such as Iron or Gold, you use a furnace to smelt it into bars. You can also use diamond to make a pickaxe(No smelting required). The process requires 2 Sticks, and 3 of the material you

The Simple Recipe For A Pickaxe

want. The picture on the right shows the recipe for a Simple Wooden Pickaxe. To make one with other Ores(Iron, etc), then replace the wood planks shown on the picture with the ore you have. Remember, you always need to use a Crafting Table.